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Our Rest CBG + CBD Tincture (2,200mg of 5 CBG: 1CBD: 1 CBN) is specially blended with CBG, CBD, and CBN, a relaxation cannabinoid. 

One of the most common problems people face nowadays that influences their overall well-being is sleep deprivation. There are plenty of medications to improve sleep, but many people are looking for natural alternatives. One such alternative is a tincture made with CBD and CBN. 

Many people report that CBN and CBD help them sleep. CBD and CBN are non-psychoactive and helpful chemical compounds that are known to produce a calming effect in the body and mind. 

Suggest Use:  Shake well before use. Take 1ml (1 dropper) under the tongue and let rest for 60 seconds before swallowing. Take 1-2 times daily as needed. Use daily for best results by taking directly from the dropper or adding to food and drinks.

Store at room temperature away from light.

Quantity: 1 fl oz 

  • tinctures offer higher doses than most competitors at a more affordable price.
  • Broad Spectrum formulation delivers CBG, CBD, and natural cannabinoids that provide the full benefits of the hemp plant. Broad Spectrum has been shown to improve the body’s response to everyday stress.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides, also known as MCT, have known as super fuel because your body absorbs MCTs rapidly and efficiently.
  • Made with non-GMO hemp oil and combined with MCT "carrier" oil to improve absorption and bio-availability.
  • Formulated by a compound pharmacist.
  • Manufactured at an ISO-certified and FDA-registered facility.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 100% profits donated to veteran's charities. CBG + CBD Tincture - Rest (Blueberry Flavor) - CBG + CBD Tincture - Rest (Blueberry Flavor) Sale price$49.99