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Changing Wellness For Good

We are health obsessed. We believe in quality over everything else. was born out of the passion to offer our customers innovative wellness products that work.

Where your mind is clear, your body is pain-free and your soul is content.’s vision is to change the way CBD brands and their retail partners sell to consumers all over the world. Our mission is to transform the CBD industry for the benefit of humankind by helping brands and retail partners deliver high quality CBG and CBD products that work and setting a new standard for product development, compliance and distribution. is a rapidly growing manufacturing and distribution company offering a wide array of CBG+CBD wellness products. Our highest priority is producing clean and safe products that create a brand that people can trust. All products are lab-tested, farm-direct premium products offered at an affordable price. products are currently available in 5,000+ retail stores nationwide. 

Meet Our CEO 

When it comes to the “why” behind, you don’t have to dig deep before running into Dr. Bao Le,’s CEO and — more importantly — the father of Andrew, his loving 13-year-old son. Dr. Bao Le has been a leading innovator in wellness products and CBD industry for over 20 years. As a wellness explorer, father on a mission to help his autistic son, and CEO, it's his passion to bring you products that works. 

Bao would like to introduce himself, share his love for his son and his CBD journey from the beginning. Today, learn all about how was inspired by the comfort Bao’s family found in CBD. Discover the source of Bao’s determination to create the products now shares with the nation by continuing to watch the video below: