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Article: Smoke Hemp Flower Like a Pro: 10 Basic Tips & Secrets That are Great for Beginners

Smoke Hemp Flower Like a Pro: 10 Basic Tips & Secrets That are Great for Beginners

Smoke Hemp Flower Like a Pro: 10 Basic Tips & Secrets That are Great for Beginners

Are you new to smoking hemp flower? Don’t be intimidated. Here are 10 tips and hints for beginners to help you optimize your smoking experience so you’ll be puffing like a pro.

1. Know Your Cannabinoids when Smoking Hemp Flower

The cannabinoids CBG and CBD each have their own beneficial properties. Many people who smoke CBG+CBD hemp flower find the duo of CBD and CBG hemp flower can amplify their benefits and create an ultra-entourage effect.

2. Start With High-Quality Hemp Flower

Not all hemp flower is the same! Hemp that is used for textiles to make things like clothes and paper is not the same as the kind you smoke. It is important to know your source is high quality.

Hemp flower should be free of mold or contaminants like heavy metals and pollutants. Choose a reputable source of hemp flower that only selects the top-grade hemp flower and always does lab testing for quality and contaminants.

Don’t take any chances with the quality of hemp flower you put into your body!

A great high-quality hemp flower option for a total beginner is the Hemp Flower Starter Kit, which includes your choice of two 4-gram jars plus all six of our prerolls. Or you can start off with a combo of your choice of a 4-gram flower jar and a preroll, like the HH CBG+ Hawaiian Haze Duo Hemp Flower Set or the HH CBG+ Special Sauce Duo Hemp Flower Set.

3. Preparation To Smoke Hemp Flower

If it’s your first time smoking hemp flower, you will want to prepare by being in a comfortable environment where you don’t have to worry about time constraints or having to leave any time soon. You will want to have good, pleasant surroundings that you can enjoy for your experience. This is called set and setting, and the general rule of thumb is to start low and go slow.

In particular, with specially infused hemp flower that has stronger cannabinoids like our Delta 8 Infused™ Hemp Flower Products, you will want to approach with caution and be mindful of set and setting to prepare for an elevated experience.

4. Grinding Hemp Flower — Some Tips for Beginners

A grinder is a handy tool that breaks hemp flower apart into bits to create an ideal consistency for smoking in a pipe or joint. Remove any seeds and stems first, and then just twist and grind to a fluffy, easy-to-smoke consistency. If you don’t have a grinder, you can pull the flower apart with your hands or another tool. The goal is to get the hemp flower into small, uniform bits for loading into a pipe or joint.

5. Using a Pipe To Smoke Hemp Flower

A pipe is a very popular choice for beginners to smoke hemp flower. Pipes are very easy to use, don’t require a lot of time, and are economical because only a small amount of hemp flower is needed. Smoking hemp flower out of a pipe is a popular option for those who want to smoke just a little bit at a time.

6. Rolling a Hemp Flower Joint

A joint is another popular way to smoke hemp flower. There are many different types of joint papers you can choose from. You can roll a joint by hand or use a joint roller. It can be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, rolling a joint is easy.

Cone joints are a really great choice for beginners — all you have to do is load a premade cone joint with your ground hemp flower and voila! You are ready to smoke.

7. More Options for Smoking Hemp Flower

When it comes to smoking hemp flower, most people think about pipes or joints first, but there are many other options! You can use a bong to smoke hemp flower, which is a type of pipe that uses water to cool and filter the smoke. Or you could use a dry herb vaporizer, which uses hot air through conduction or convection to heat up hemp flower, rather than burning it. Depending on your preferences, there is a vast world of different old-school tools and high-tech gadgets for smoking hemp flower.

8. Prerolls — A Favorite for Beginners and Connoisseurs, Alike

Preroll hemp flower is exactly what it sounds like: a joint that is already premade for you. Preroll hemp flower joints can be taken right out of the package and smoked. All you need is a lighter — no need for a grinder, smoking device, or joint-rolling skills! That is why prerolls are a fantastic choice for beginners. Another great advantage of prerolls is the smaller size lets you sample a lot of different types of hemp flower to see which ones are your favorites. Or if you can’t decide, we have you covered with one of our hemp flower trio preroll sets.

9. Clean Your Equipment for a Better Experience

Cleaning your pipe or device of choice is important to make sure residue doesn’t clog it up or affect the flavor. For an optimal hemp flower smoking experience, you’ll want to clean your pipe regularly. It’s easy to do within a few minutes with a little isopropyl alcohol.

10. Stay Open-Minded

The joy of continuing to learn and experience smoking hemp flower gets better with time. You won’t go wrong by continuing to learn, explore, and prioritize your wellness.

Many of our customers find they have been able to quit smoking tobacco and nicotine by switching to hemp products instead. For example, our Chief Stix provide a smoking experience free of tobacco, nicotine, and additives. Made with nothing but natural American sun-grown organic hemp and rolled with biodegradable paper and filters, Chief Stix are available in different varieties, including infused with CBG, CBG+CBD, and Delta 8.

You can also choose to combine or mix and match smoking hemp flower with other forms of consumption, like hemp edibles and hemp tinctures.

Now You Are Ready To Smoke Hemp Flower

CBG CBD Moonrock Gelato

Don’t be intimidated if you are learning to smoke hemp flower for the first time. It’s easy and enjoyable to get the hang of it.

For the first time, this 4/20 will be celebrating by giving away an amount of hemp flower equivalent to the actual world-record-holding largest moonrock meteorite ever discovered on Earth!

One-gram samples of our legendary Moonrock hemp flower are going out to all of’s 5,000 suppliers to celebrate 4/20. Moonrock hemp flower is available in different varieties you will love, like our Moonrock CBG+CBD hemp flower, and Moonrock Delta 8 Gelato.

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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