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Article: Consumers Love Gelato Hemp Flower with CBD & CBG

Consumers Love Gelato Hemp Flower with CBD & CBG

Consumers Love Gelato Hemp Flower with CBD & CBG

The legalization of hemp gave consumers access to hundreds of strains, and many are overwhelmed by the choices. Do you have issues finding a satisfying hemp flower strain? You should try Gelato.

Gelato is a real crowd-pleaser. In fact, Gelato is so popular, Leafly gave it the Strain of the Year award in 2018. Additionally, Gelato is a leading search term on Leafly’s strain directory, and consumers consistently give the strain five out of five stars in reviews. Why is Gelato so popular?

Named after a frozen Italian dessert, Gelato is a hybrid strain crossed with two strains that also happen to be named after desserts. Like its namesake, Gelato is a sweet treat that will delight the mind and body.

What is Gelato’s Origin Story?

Bay Area cultivators developed the Gelato strain by crossing Thin Mint GSC, a Sativa, and Sunset Sherbet, an Indica. Cookies Fam Genetics cultivated the Thin Mint GSC, and Sherbinski Farms cultivated the Sunset Sherbet. The pairing of these two strains was a happy accident of mistaken cross-pollination.

As legend has it, Mr. Sherbinski grew a female OG Cookies plant in his grandmother’s basement. A friend placed a male Pink Panties plant too close to the OG Cookies plant, and it was pollinated. As a result, Sunset Sherbet was born. 

Mr. Sherbinski began experimenting with the Sunset Sherbet strain. The cultivator attempted to develop a new strain containing a perfect mix of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Gelato was the result of Mr. Sherbinski’s bold experimentation.

Since its development, cultivators have produced several variations of the Gelato strain, including Gelato #33. Given the number, Gelato is also named after Larry Bird, the basketball legend who wore the number 33 on his green jersey.

How Does Gelato Effect the Mind and Body?

Sherbinski Farm’s Gelato contains a near-perfect mix of Sativa and Indica, providing consumer with balanced effects. Consumers report feeling the effects of Gelato equally in the mind, and body. They describe feeling euphoria, energy, and pain relief after consuming the strain. Gelato does not typically provide a sedative effect. 

There is a heavy presence of the terpene limonene in Gelato. The reported benefits of limonene are relief from feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Gelato also contains the terpene linalool, which makes most consumers feel relaxed.

Gelato’s Color, Smell, and Flavor Profile

Gelato’s small, dense buds are visually stunning. Bright orange pistils poke out of Gelato’s deep purple leaves. The leaves are frosted with white crystals called trichomes. The strain’s vibrant colors differ from typical strains that only contain varying shades of green. Gelato has a psychedelic color scheme that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

Gelato smells fruity and earthy. Citrus and berries dominate the strain’s sweet fragrance. Grass and wood are also easily noted in the strain’s scent. The linalool contained in Gelato also emits a lavender aroma. The combination of Gelato’s complementary scents and flavors delivers a delightful consumer experience.

The Benefits of Gelato with CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 provides three varieties of Gelato hemp flower strains, and all three contain CBD and CBG. also offers Gelato Delta 8 THC.

CBD and CBG are non-psychoactive cannabinoids with unique healing properties. About the benefits of CBD and CBG: When the cannabinoids are combined, they provide the consumer with what calls an “ultra-entourage” effect. This means CBD and CBG work in tandem to maximize their distinct healing properties upon consumption. 

Most cannabis sold in regulated states contains the psychoactive cannabinoid Delta 9 THC. Alternatively, Delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp and sold in states where sales have been approved.

Consumption of Delta 9 THC can be an intense experience. Since Delta 8 THC consumption is a less heightened experience, consumers of this cannabinoid do not commonly report feelings of stress and anxiety that Delta 9 THC can induce.

Regardless of the cannabinoid combo you choose, you’ll find Gelato worthy of consideration as your favorite hemp flower.

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