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Article: Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Hemp Lovers

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Hemp Lovers

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Hemp Lovers

Finding the best gift can be challenging. If you’re looking for the go-to gift this holiday season for your favorite hemp lover, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got something for every hemp lover in your life, from the busy body to those who may be in need of a little TLC. Check out our list, and find something for the holiday.

CBG Stocking Stuffers 

CBG+OG Kush Hemp Flower Jar

Kicking off our list is our ever-popular CBG+CBD blend of The White CBG and OG Kush CBD hemp flower. The blend of CBG indica-dominant hybrid and CBD indica-dominant hybrid is excellent for relaxing after a long hike. With smells reminiscent of spice, wood, lemon and a hint of diesel, your outdoor friends will love this one. Order this stocking stuffer in time for the holidays here

CBG+CBD Lollipop Sampler Gift Set 

Stuff your fave hemp lover’s stocking with something sweet! Our CBG+CBD lollipops offer the benefits of key cannabinoids and other vitamins and minerals with a pop of deliciousness. Whether you’re looking for a zing of energy or looking to mellow out and reduce stress, our CBG lollipops are just what you’re looking for. Sample three scrumptious infused flavors — Mixed Berry, Mint Chocolate and Pineapple Chili. 

CBG+CBD Preroll Trio

Another fantastic stocking stuffer to pick up for the holidays, our CBG+CBD Preroll Trio contains 3 of our popular CBG+CBD strains, OG Kush, Hawaiian Haze and Sour Space Candy. These triple lab-tested pre-rolls are tightly packed in child-proof packaging to ensure these gifts make it to their desired user. 

Hawaiian Haze CBG+CBD Duo Set

Looking for a CBG stocking stuffer, but not sure if you want to commit to just a preroll or hemp flower? Grab both! The Hawaiian Haze CBG+CBD Duo allows you to gift both to your hemp-loving pal for the holidays. This gift bursts with scents of tropical fruits and soft undertones of pine to really get into the holiday spirit. Plus, it’s jam-packed with the benefits of CBG and CBD. Gift it today

Chill Cannabinoid Infused Gift Sets

CBG Starter Kit Holiday Gift Set

For those looking to dip into the benefits of CBG and CBD for the first time, snag them a CBG+CBD Starter Kit. Equipped with two 4 gram jars of CBG+CBD flower and six cannabinoid-packed prerolls, the kit is the perfect gift for CBG beginners. Choose between strains like OG Kush, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce, Lifter and Suver Haze. If you need a little extra guidance, check for detailed descriptions of different flavors and benefits of each choice of CBG and CBD flower here

Delta-8 THC Preroll Trio Gift Set

Hemp keeps on giving with delta-8 THC. The Delta-8 THC trio is infused with delta-8 distillate to provide an out of this world experience for hemp lovers everywhere. Sample what delta-8 THC can do for you with our preroll set. The set packs delta-8 into our original OG Kush, Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze organic hemp flower. Interested in alternative strains? Check out our other delta-8 preroll gift set for more select flavors

Delta-8 THC Chill Holiday Edibles Gift Set

Like other cannabinoids, delta-8 is versatile and can be whipped up into tasty treats. Gift your hemp lover the sweet indulgence of the ultra entourage effect with the help of our Chill Delta-8 Holiday Gift Set. The set comes packed with delta-8 watermelon flavored gummies and four delectable delta-8 lollipops for your pal to chill out in yummy flavors like watermelon and green apple. Buy the delta-8 THC edible gift set here

CBG+CBD Immunity Edibles Gift Set

The holiday season collides with the peak of cold and flu season. Grab some immunity-boosting CBG+CBD gummies and lollipops to keep immune systems ahead of the curve with our Immunity Gift Set! This holiday package comes packed with immunity boosters like elderberry, vitamin C, E, B12 and zinc to keep your immune system in tip-top shape as well as the added benefits of CBG and CBD. Plus, this gift set is rich in antioxidants and absolutely delicious. What’s more to love? Add yummy CBG edibles to your holiday shopping cart. 

CBG Wellness Tinctures Trio Gift Set

At we love our veterans. If you want to show your support while doing your holiday shopping, consider adding our CBG+CBD tinctures to your cart. 100% of profits from our Veterans branded tinctures support charities to extend wellness to Veterans who need it. 

These CBG tinctures support the body with precision. Our Focus CBG+CBD tincture is formulated to sharpen attention. We also offer Rest tincture, infused with CBN to promote rest and relaxation, as well as our Calm CBG tincture which supports feelings of calm. 

We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with time surrounded by loved ones and plenty of rest. We cannot wait to share what is in store for the New Year! Happy Holidays from to you.

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