How CBD Could Help Veterans Suffering From PTSD

Veterans’ Day is on the horizon, and with that, the team at is reflecting on how these brave veterans faced strife and sacrifice to protect us. Since returning from service, a notable portion of veterans began struggling with another problem at home — Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We wanted to take a moment to talk about how cannabinoids show promise to help veterans dealing with these complex conditions improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

For centuries, humans have been harnessing the power of hemp and cannabis plants to discover relief from diverse ailments and conditions. Similar to the benefits of CBG and CBD for anxiety sufferers, these cannabinoids, particularly CBD, could play an important role in supporting veterans suffering from hardships caused by PTSD. 

CBD — A Solution for PTSD? 

Veterans know firsthand the challenges that come alongside PTSD. Could CBD be a solution to this tragic condition? Some researchers seem to think so. According to a study completed in 2019, study participants with PTSD completed a course of oral CBD accompanied by routine psychiatric care. 91% of the participants in the study experienced a decrease in PTSD severity

Unfortunately, veterans are at an elevated risk of suffering from PTSD due to a variety of factors, and getting help is complicated by lack of awareness, access and education. We spoke with Life Griffith, Founder of Veteran Health Solutions and amazing friend of the family to deliver critical information to our readers. 

Veterans Face Challenges like PTSD and Anxiety Every Day

Life dedicates himself to teaching veterans about the benefits of CBD and other key cannabinoids. As a veteran with 8 years of active duty experience as a combat medic and 11 years of experience in the U.S. Army Reserve, as well as a person living with PTSD, Life has faced periods of overwhelming uncertainty in his life.

Nowadays, Life does everything he can to promote wellness and help people learn how to heal with the help of nature. Life suggests anyone who thinks CBG and CBD could be beneficial should give it a try. “If you’re dealing with stress, try getting your mental state in order and look into the research. How much is your life worth? It’s crucial to understand your value.”

Choosing the Right Product to Mitigate PTSD Symptoms

“Plant medicine brings about homeostasis and balance, but different products have different ingredients that lead to unique effects. For example,’s Focus CBD tincture helps me stay clear and concentrated thanks to ingredients that boost feelings of rejuvenation. It’s amazing what the hemp plant can do — my mind is clear and not cluttered anymore.”

Veterans looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD can also use other variations to help. For those suffering from anxiety or other adverse symptoms brought about by PTSD, Calm CBD tincture could help to support feelings of calm during the stress of the day and Rest CBD tincture could help during the evening hours to unwind. 

All in all, Life says it’s crucial to find that balance. “Most of my activities are carried on my own shoulders, and I hold multiple important leadership roles which can create overwhelming feelings. To find equilibrium and rejuvenate, I love that I have something I can take that can help me to be healed without fear of addiction.” 

CBD Education Matters to Mitigating PTSD for Veterans

Although CBD could be an answer to veterans struggling with PTSD and its symptoms, elevating education around it is critical to the effort. With increased educational awareness, veterans would be able to get the care they need from health professionals, be uplifted by their peers and have meaningful choices to help them find comfort in their everyday lives. 

Help Us Fight for Our Veterans

In July, partnered with Life’s organization Veteran Health Solutions to launch our veteran-centered tincture line. Since the launch, we’ve donated 100% of our profits to support numerous veteran-led initiatives across the nation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how hemp and CBD can benefit veterans with PTSD, join Life Griffith and’s very own Dr. Bao Le for their upcoming event, “Hemp, Me & PTSD”, on Saturday, November 6, 11:00 am Pacific. During the event, the pair plans to educate folks about additional plant-based wellness approaches and our Veteran’s CBD product line. (link)

Living with PTSD can be a challenge, but getting help doesn’t have to be. Discover how CBD could benefit you or a loved one. Visit our hemp collection today for more information.