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Article: How it Works: Benefits of CBG and CBD for Anxiety

How it Works: Benefits of CBG and CBD for Anxiety

How it Works: Benefits of CBG and CBD for Anxiety

Hemp has been hailed for its potential to help people heal from diverse conditions. Scientific research theorizes that key compounds in the hemp plant could serve to benefit those suffering from anxiety, especially via cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.

This pair of cannabinoids was quickly recognized for their ability to work in tandem, rather than in isolation. The entourage effect — which surmises that cannabinoids influence each other to produce a more comprehensive effect — is at play, and also CBG’s role as the mother cannabinoid. Together, CBD and CBG produce an amplified effect to tackle anxiety and other conditions head-on. 

We interviewed three amazing women who have experienced the healing effects of CBG and CBD firsthand and gained insights into the variety of ways they put these cannabinoids to work. One person we interviewed remarked, “I’m a mom on the go, shuttling kids from here to there. I’ll usually use the tincture at nighttime, but I love the CBG gummies. They’re quick and easy to take on the go.” Regardless of intake method, each consumer had worthwhile takeaways.

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Meet Jessica

Jessica is a mom who found herself in need of a little extra support. 

Jessica began using CBG and CBD to manage pandemic stress and try something different.
“Being a mom that works full time with two kids, it’s been challenging to juggle the craziness of the pandemic, school from home and managing a child with special needs,” said Jessica.  

She’s found the CBG and CBD combo benefits her to get good rest with something that’s natural and balanced. “I use the Focus tincture to tackle working from home and all of the distractions that come with it. I love that has a diversified product line that can help with different issues, whether it be to calm anxiety, support immune health or simply tune in.”

Jessica says she’s been inspired by research that’s been conducted into the utility of CBG and CBD, and believes “education is what is needed. We need to keep spreading the word, and we need to bring medical professionals on our journey to say, ‘Hey. This works.’” 

Meet Angel 

Angel began employing CBG to manage anxiety, migraines and other PTSD-related symptoms.

“I take CBG every day. I have PTSD and with all that’s been brought about by COVID, it hasn’t helped. I started using the power of cannabinoids to manage my migraines and anxiety, and it’s saved my life.” 

Angel makes use of her CBG vape to calm herself during stressful situations, such as in crowds, at work, or in transit. In her own words: “Earlier this year, I spent time unemployed and trying to find a place to live. With all of the stressors, I found solace in CBG. Since it’s the mother cannabinoid, it works so well with other compounds in the cannabis plant, heightening the entourage effect. It helps me get through my day... Once I started using CBG and CBD, I’ve been able to fly without getting stressed. Because of my job, I’m flying once or twice per month. Before, I wasn’t able to get out of my seat once I was on a plane, but now I vape before I arrive at the airport and take a gummy. Now, I’m able to fly and manage it without the added stress. It’s amazing.” 

Angel encourages those with anxiety to explore the benefits of CBG by conducting their own research. “All products on the market aren’t the same. Products like’s are natural with no artificial flavors and are created by a doctor. As a naturopath, I’m committed to helping people expel toxins. It’s important to stay true to our bodies...CBG and other cannabinoids changed my life, and I cannot recommend them enough.”

Meet Carrie

Carrie loves to use CBG and CBD to help her and her loved ones daily.

“As a person living with horrible social anxiety and driving anxiety, I am thrilled that I can have something that allows me to calm my anxiety before it gets too bad. Normally, I can manage it with some gummies or a lollipop if I’m unable to get a pre-roll.” 

Carrie was blown away by the fact that CBG and CBD can mitigate pain quickly and easily. She is also quick to recommend CBG and CBD to anyone who needs it. “I recently recommended CBG to my friend Keith in Arizona who has end-stage Parkinson’s and currently has tremors. He only doesn’t have tremors when he falls asleep, so he takes CBG+CBD tincture and the CBG lollipops and gummies to help assail his tremors and the subsequent pain.”

How Can CBG and CBD Benefit You? 

CBG and CBD offer an amazing combination and could be beneficial to anyone looking to try and alleviate anxiety. Every person has different needs, meaning education and research are key to discovering how CBG and CBD can benefit people in their day-to-day lives. See how’s CBG+CBD can help you. Try it today

*T​o protect anonymity and respect privacy, we have excluded each individual’s last name from the blog.

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