The “Why” Behind, America’s Premiere CBG+CBD Brand

HAYWARD, CA, UNITED STATES / -- The reason even exists as a company is because of a father’s determination to find a source of healing for his son. “I wanted to be able to pull any product off our shelf and know that it is safe to give to my own child,” says Dr. Le, “I want to stand apart from the rest of the industry as the example of a brand whose products can be trusted to help anyone of any age or condition.”

Dr. Bao Le began his journey by researching CBD oil to give to his son Andrew, who is on the autism spectrum and suffered from countless grand mal seizures beginning at age 2. These seizures would result in Bao’s family having to experience many overnight emergency room stays. Andrew’s younger days were a traumatic time for such a young child and his loving family to endure. After being dependent on pharmaceuticals that produced very unfavorable side effects, Dr. Le decided to find a better solution for his son. Over the course of many months of troubleshooting, Dr. Le was able to concoct a dosage of CBD oil that lessened the occurrence of night terrors associated with his seizures. Eventually, after perfecting the dosage, the use of CBD allowed Andrew to finally get restful sleep which ultimately improved the quality of Andrew’s everyday life. Since the addition of CBD and now CBG as part of Andrew’s regimen, he has been able to eliminate the use of all pharmaceuticals and only requires plant-based medicines. More importantly through this process, Dr. Le learned about the benefits of CBG in addition to CBD oil, and found a combination that continues to maintain and improve the quality of life for Andrew. This combination is also the foundation for’s CBG+CBD “Entourage Effect”. Andrew and Dr Le’s journey is a heartwarming and inspiring story, but more importantly Dr. Le’s work is not done and continues on. was born from the inspiration of Dr. Le to make safe and trusted products to help people. Over the course of 20 months, Dr. Le’s constant creativity and innovation took them from a product line of selling only CBG+CBD flower, to now a catalog of 45 products, including tinctures and edibles such as lollipops, gummies and chewable tablets.

Dr. Le’s innovation of creating and curating new products is to allow people to use CBG+CBD for different conditions. For example, the lollipops were created for someone he knew who was having problems with anxiety. The chewable tablets were created for a family member that needed help with back pain, but had to be careful of sugar consumption. The tincture line that was launched in July was a collaboration with a veterans’ charity to find alternative medicine to help ailing veterans, of which 100% of profits go directly toward helping various veterans’ organizations.

For those reasons and many more, Dr. Le’s and’s “why” is simple: to help people. To help people by creating the highest quality products and by continuing to innovate and spread education to reach even more who need it. is proud to stand behind this diverse product line and to offer them to every parent, child, grandparent or otherwise, to provide premium wellness products for any and every walk of life.

Learn more about’s “why” this week from Dr. Bao Le where he will be attending MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas from October 21-22 or visit Enjoy the video embedded here to watch Andrew’s journey and see just how far he has come due to the tenacity and love of his father.