Dr. Bao Le, Hhemp.co CEO: “Grounded in fair practices, we build deep relationships with like-minded hemp farmers and support them to thrive.”

In the high-paced world we live in, healthy living has become a paramount need irrespective of your background. In order to stay healthy, you must maintain a steady balance in your body’s various systems. CBD should be taken into consideration for those pursuing a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It is well-known CBD can help significantly improve your health and make you feel your best.

With the help of an expert hemp contract manufacturer and white labeler, your business can also enter the CBD market to aid in providing a range of health benefits, including treating psychotic diseases, reducing depression and anxiety, diminishing inflammation, decreasing the spread of cancer, curtailing the constancy of diabetes, and relief from chronic pain among others.

Hhemp.co stands out from the crowd of excellent global CBD contract manufacturers because the company’s vision is to change the way CBD brands and their retail partners sell to consumers all over the world. The company’s mission is to transform the CBD industry for the benefit of humankind by helping brands and retail partners deliver high-quality CBG and CBD products that work, all while setting a new standard for product development, compliance, manufacturing, and distribution. The company’s highest priority is producing clean and safe products to create a brand consumers trust. All Hhemp.co products are lab-tested, farm-direct premium products offered at an affordable price. Hhemp.co products are currently available in 5,000+ retail stores nationwide and online at Hhemp.co’s website.

In conversation with Dr. Bao Le, CEO of Hhemp.co

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Hhemp.co?

My journey into the health-centerd hemp-derived cannabinoid formulation and manufacturing industry has been my quest to source, formulate, and produce plant-based products to help find ways to aid my son. Some of his autistic behaviors, such as lack of verbal speech, fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning, diminished social skills, night terrors, and seizures, have all been helped by the use of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

My goal is to share my passion for this incredible plant and give back to the communities that need it most by helping people heal and achieve optimal health. This journey has been defined by study, research, and building a network of doctors, licensed pharmacists, extraction labs, technicians, cultivators, seed genetics companies, and hundreds of cannabis and hemp operators and distributors. One overarching goal of mine is to educate consumers on the benefits of plant medicine. I would like Hhemp.co to become one of the most-trusted, science-based, and effective brands in this industry.



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