A Good Night Sleep: Tackling Insomnia With CBG

Everybody loves a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many people spend night after night chasing rather than achieving it. In fact, upwards of 70 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder known as insomnia. Insomnia comes in various degrees, with some afflicted for a short period while others struggle with chronic insomnia. Some insomnia sufferers find falling asleep incredibly difficult, while many more struggle with sleep maintenance, or waking up during the night. Many more also struggle with a combination, finding it hard to sleep initially and tossing and turning throughout the night. For those struggling with insomnia, finding a solution is critical. Could cannabigerol (CBG) be an answer to insomnia sufferers everywhere?

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can be brought about for a host of reasons. Consuming certain substances, like caffeine or alcohol can cause insomnia as well as health concerns such as chronic pain or sleep apnea and mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and stress. Insomnia can also occur due to an irregular sleep schedule and other changes to the body’s circadian rhythm. 

How CBG Might Help You Sleep

Where does CBG fit into all of this? CBG has the potential to help alleviate insomnia, but it is important to understand its function and how this cannabinoid may work with other cannabinoids to achieve the best results. As the mother cannabinoid, CBG interacts directly with the other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant to create an effect that amplifies relief. What this means is that CBG engages directly with other cannabinoids, like the ever notable CBD and THC and enhances their effects. Since CBG is theorized to help serve those suffering from specific conditions that lead to insomnia like anxiety and stress, it is quite possible that CBG could help benefit those suffering by dampening impacts caused by such conditions. CBG is thought to help provide a sense of calm to those who indulge, which could help to ease the mind and provide a conducive environment to achieve a good night’s rest.  

As we talked about in a previous blog, CBG is also a GABA reuptake inhibitor, which is known to repress feelings of pain and anxiety in the body, giving reasonable consideration for it to be helpful for those experiencing problems related to these conditions and regulate responses appropriately, in turn benefiting those suffering from insomnia. 

How to Use CBG to Help Fight Insomnia

Now that you know how CBG might help you sleep, how can you put it to use? Much like other cannabinoids, CBG can be used in myriad ways — as a tincture, in tasty CBG edibles, or simply by consuming flower or concentrate. Each of these methods has its own benefit and bioavailability, or the amount absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking or vaporizing CBG flower enhances hemp’s bioavailability, and for those instances when you’re in need of immediate support, we recommend consuming hemp flower, such as a combo CBG rich strain like The White and CBD strain Lifter. This duo contains effective levels of CBGa and CBDa and both indica dominant hemp, which is thought to promote feelings of restfulness. Though CBG edibles and tinctures have a lower rate of bioavailability, they can still be useful to alleviate insomnia. Each form is also dose and time-dependent. Some will need to build up cannabinoids in their system before feeling the best effects. However, in all cases of troubled sleeping, we recommend you dose at least 20 minutes before bed. 

Products like our Orange CBG+CBD Calm Tincture come packed with CBG and CBD to boost beneficial properties that help you relax. We also carry Rest CBG+CBD Tincture, which is filled with a CBG blend accompanied by CBD and CBN. Many have reported the benefit of CBN and CBD in acting as sleep aids, and CBG may provide additional support spurring a relaxation to tackle insomnia head-on. Both our CBG Calm Tincture and Rest CBG Tincture can be taken up to an hour before bed to get the full effect of CBG and other cannabinoids to boost a better sleep. 

Edibles such as CBG lollipops can also help those seeking restful sleep. Hhemp.co’s CBG + CBD Chill Pop is infused with key ingredients like CBG as well as other relaxing aids such as Vitamin C and B12, known to quell anxiety, tart cherry juice, which is naturally high in melatonin, which also helps with sleep, and graviola leaf which boasts sleep-aiding properties.

Sleep Well With CBG 

Getting plenty of restful sleep is critical for a healthy life. Since insomnia and related conditions are immensely detrimental to the well-being of millions of people, it’s time to find a solution. CBG could be your answer to a good night’s rest. Try it and see CBG’s benefits for yourself. We all deserve a few extra Zzz’s.