Hhemp.co Expands Lineup Launching New THC-O Line

HAYWARD, CA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Premium hemp brand, Hhemp.co (“Hhemp.co” or “The Company” is introducing THC-O as the latest cannabinoid to join their lineup of select products.

THC-O is a psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoid that shares effects typically associated with cannabis use. However, THC-O allegedly offers significantly higher potency than its common foil: delta-9 THC. Unlike delta-9 THC, THC-O has an attached acetate group that eases its ability to cross lipid-sensitive layers in the digestive tract and brain, strengthening the molecule’s capabilities.

Anecdotal reports about THC-O suggest it promotes similar, yet more impactful benefits compared to other THC forms including chronic pain management, anxiety support, and aiding insomnia issues.

Hhemp.co now offers three unique forms of the Company’s very own THC-O. Currently, Hhemp.co offers 4-gram jars and a special one-pound bag deal for smoke shops. Each participating shop will get a kit complete with its own bag, individual pouches, folders and tongs. The storefronts will be able to sell the THC-O by the gram, adding a personal touch to the experience for each customer. The shops will also be provided with new CBG+CBG hemp flower, CBG moon rocks, and Delta-8 moon rocks to give abundant options to each customer.

Hhemp.co also plans to serve THC-O in other forms including THC-O pre-rolls, launching this month.

“We understand the ever-changing demand from our customers for innovative product offerings, and we are excited to launch our new product line featuring THC-O. At Hhemp. co, we remain focused on bringing innovative, safe, and effective products to market that are aligned with our mission to be the #1 Brand You Can Trust For Quality," said Hhemp.co CEO Dr, Bao Le, “All our products go through rigorous SOPs and testing to ensure that everything we manufacture has the highest standards of safety, science, innovation, and effect.”

As THC-O rises in popularity, it’s vital to keep learning about it and continue conducting important research to craft safe and reputable products. For more information about Hhemp.co’s mission and THC-O, to view their full product line, or to purchase new THC-O products, please visit www.hhemp.co.

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