Finding a Cure: Father’s CBD Journey To Help His Autistic Son

When it comes to the “why” behind, you don’t have to dig deep before running into Dr. Bao Le,’s Founder and — more importantly — the father of Andrew, his loving 13-year-old son. 

Bao would like to introduce himself, share his love for his son and his CBD journey from the beginning. Today, learn all about how was inspired by the comfort Bao’s family found in CBD. Discover the source of Bao’s determination to create the products now shares with the nation by continuing to read on below. 


Andrew’s Story

When Andrew was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with autism. The initial shock from the diagnosis was very intense; however, it was even more challenging when less than a year later, Andrew suffered his first grand mal seizure attack at the dinner table. 

The family rushed him to the hospital, desperate for answers. Little did they know, this was just the beginning. For over a year, Bao tried everything from anti-seizure medicines to other types of pharmaceuticals to mitigate the frequency of his son’s seizures. Bao and his wife were terrified Andrew might hurt himself. Unfortunately, the anti-seizure medications also led to serious side effects. Andrew began having night terrors, spending long stretches of the night in a panic. Bao knew something had to change. So, he started looking into alternative treatments, and that’s where he stumbled across the benefits of CBD. 

Finding Relief With CBD

Bao began talking with other doctors about CBD research, but there wasn’t a lot of information available yet. He decided to take matters into his own hands, traveling to medical dispensaries to gather information on CBD oil’s benefits. He finally bought some CBD and began making tinctures, carefully working to identify how to dose correctly for his son to try and slow down the hypersensitivity in his brain. 

Bao chose coconut oil as the carrier oil for the CBD tincture. He slowly added small doses at a time to ensure Andrew wouldn’t be over-medicated or sensitive to the product and instead be able to relax and rest. He began administering microdoses to help Andrew get a restful sleep, but after a few weeks, it wasn’t working. Bao began experimenting with higher doses for himself until it started relaxing him and decided this could be the dose his son needed to sleep through the night. That Wednesday was the first time in a long time Bao had seen Andrew sleep the night without a night terror or seizure. Bao was elated to see him be able to regulate his sleep and not be hyperactive. He realized the CBD tincture was working. Andrew’s rest became significantly better and he was able to remain alert during the day. Now, it was time for an adjustment on his medications. 

The Benefits of CBD

After a year and a half, Andrew began to be weaned off his other anti-seizure medications. Ever since he’s been on a 100% plant-medicine regimen with supplemental CBD to help regulate and eliminate his seizures. Prior to Andrew being administered CBD, he was non-verbal and would irritate easily. He would not get a haircut, and bright lights and loud noises bothered him substantially. Today, he’s able to communicate verbally because his brain experiences less sensory overload. This has helped him tremendously with learning. Since he began receiving CBD, he’s doing well in school, is not frightened of haircuts anymore, and is much more grounded. Today, Andrew spends his time cracking jokes and he is generally lovely to be around. 

CBG and CBD Gummies: A Nightly Routine 

For Andrew, CBD and CBG gummies are a nightly routine. Every evening, Andrew takes a shower and eats his CBD gummy. Autistic children can be very picky about what they eat. Andrew did not like taking the CBD oil making it very difficult to get him to take his tinctures. So, Bao decided to formulate something Andrew would enjoy. They realized he loved taking his gummy vitamins, and created a CBD gummy that Andrew loved just as well.

CBD Gummies Change Lives

From homemade oils and tinctures to’s CBD and CBG blend gummies, Andrew’s journey with CBD changed the Le family’s lives. He’s able to be a kid again. Andrew’s family can focus on all aspects of family-work life, and their oldest son no longer has to worry about his little brother so much. CBD has shown its potential to us, and we cannot wait to share it with you. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD and CBG’s benefits and how you can use it in your daily life, get your questions answered and visit our blog today